Privacy policy

Your privacy on the internet is one of our top priorities. We have been unswervingly maintaining the secrecy of your personal information so that you can enjoy our games without hassles. The procedures we use involves world class hardware techniques and the finest software. This Privacy Policy tells you about how we gather, store and manage the use of any information related to a Teen Patti game or application that our customers provide us with.

The user must note that only the data gathered through a customer’s use of TubbTeen Patti app comes under the scope of this Privacy Policy. Without your permission, your e-mail or other information will not be sold to a third party, except when it is needed to support the service you are now using. With this, you are accepting, as drafted in this Privacy Policy, that your personal information can be collected and used. We urge our customers to come back to the Privacy Policy regularly as we may be amending it once in a while.

Privacy and use of your information

The information we get is used to tailor the service to suit your interests, to offer a really helpful customer support, and to improve the service in totality. We will make use of your personal information to find a solution for any technical hitches and to settle monetary transactions (if applicable), give you regular info and news about events, and provide a prompt customer support. We will not be accountable for any third party sites’ the privacy policy even if they are linked to us. This Privacy Policy applies only to Tubb.

In any caseof access and collection of data, the information our users provide are never revealed, rented, leased, lent, traded, or voluntarily given to unaffiliated third parties. The sole objective of gathering the data is to consistently improve the service. When the law demands, we may have to hand over your information to government officials or agencies. Your data can also be provided to traders, payment processors or operators involved in the business processes and transactions. We reserve the right to handover your data in case of a transfer of ownership of Tubb or an acquisition of assets associated with the business.

Unless there is a written consent from you, we will never offer or sell the private information provided by you to any other company. You may ask us to take out from our system the personal information you had provided during registration. However, we need some of the information so that we can serve you and provide necessary support. So in the event of you asking to remove your personal information, we may be unable to continue some of our services. The records of your games and their results are never deleted by us. You may, some day, delete the Tubb Teen Patti app to never join again, but the results of past games won’t be deleted.


Tubb Teen Patti has practical measures in place to protect your data from unauthorized alteration or disclosure to a third party. It has a system to prevent loss of your personal information, or misuse through unauthorized access. You are bound by these Terms of Service once you access the service for use, or download Tubb Teen Patti, or create an account, click the ‘accept and agree’ box.

The data of your location that we collect (of course only when you wish a location-enabled service) includes your device’s location, while you are accessing our services, through accelerometer, WiFi, GPS, or a compass or similar types of sensors that are installed on your device. We get the indications of your location, while you access our services, from your device’s IP addressor your internet service, or the data you or others have given about you; or some Shared Information posted by you or others about your location. This includes a geo tag information fixed in your photos we get from you. You also have the option to get deleted any existing location data you had previously shared with us.

We provide, through the service or another network or a third party, friend referral and/or finders. When a user opts to access this referral on the Service, it helps him connect with his contacts and allow them to associate his account, the profile and/or email address of which has been maintained with us. The user, when opts the referral, is asked for his friend's name and email where we can send invitation emailer message on behalf of the user to try the service. This information may have to be retained by us -- so that we can send reminder messages -- though for a very short time.

Username and Password

When you create your account, you will be required to select a password (that will be your Login information). The following rules will be applied for the security of your Login information:

  • Maintaining the confidentiality of your Login Information is your responsibility. You will be responsible for all its uses of, including purchases - whether or not authorized by you
  • You should not let anyone else access your account
  • Do not share the account or the Login Information with anyone
  • Do anything that can jeopardize the security of your account
  • If you find any reasonable suspect or any breach of security, you must immediately notify TubbTeen Patti and change your Login Information. This includes any loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure of your Login Information
  • You take sole responsibility for anything that can happen through your Account
  • ubbTeen Patti reserves the right to reclaim or remove any usernames for any reason and at any time,
  • If the user violates any rights.

Shared information

The game enables some of the information to be shared publicly with all users of the game and not just your contacts. If you publish your information about the game on social media in particular then you are sharing your (limited) information with the world. This information can be broadly and instantly transmitted and will remain public for as long as you do not delete it. If you delete this information, it may still be separately cached, copied, or stored by, or remain public through other users who are not affiliated with and not controlled by us. For this you agree that we may be required to retain, preserve or disclose your personal information:

  • in order to comply with a court orders or other legal process
  • If requested by a government authority, law enforcement agency or similar body, if it is situated in your jurisdiction or elsewhere
  • In order to comply with applicable laws or regulations
  • Or when we believe it necessary to comply with applicable laws or regulations.

You also agree that we might need to disclose your personal information in order to enforce the Terms of Service or this Privacy Policy, protect our rights, property or safety, or the rights, property or safety of our affiliate companies or other users of our services.

Sensitive personal information

In some cases certain personal information like your race or ethnic origin, religious or philosophical views or personal health is characterised as ‘sensitive’ and is subject to stricter regulation than other information. Please note that the information that you upload on our services such as images or information about your background or social activities may reveal your sensitive personal information to others. We request you to consider whether it is appropriate to communicate sensitive personal information on the platform. We assume that you consent to all processing of sensitive personal information for the purposes and in the manner described in this privacy policy. Also note that we do not use your sensitive personal information for advertising.

Third party services on our services

Our services may link you to social media or other services like websites provided by a third party. So, you may be able to share content using services provided by third parties. Please note, the third parties who provide such services may be able to collect all your personal information and may set cookies on your computer to enable such third party services to function properly, and we may give you links that allow you to access third party services or websites. Remember, you will not obtain any right, title or interest in any downloaded materials or software given to you by downloading. You are also prohibited from using such materials for any commercial purpose unless agreed with TubbTeen Patti in writing.

Retention of your personal information

You can request to receive a copy of or make any corrections to your personal information which we hold or you can request that we delete any of your personal information that is stored by us. This is subject to applicable laws and regulations of the jurisdiction. Plus we may offer you options to amend or delete or change how public can view or access, your personal information and shared information within those services. In this case, you can send a request to our account - please log into your account with us within the relevant service and make the appropriate changes. If your account be terminated for any reason by us or by you, we will try to ensure that your personal information is no longer available through your account or otherwise used by us within a reasonable period of time (subjected to technical limitations) after the account termination. But please do take care and note that communications made by you using our services can put your personal information in the hands of other/third parties that we cannot control -like if you have previously made your personal information public through our services. In some cases it is possible that we may not be able to delete your personal information or shared information from our systems. In this case we will, wherever practicable, let you know why we are unable to do so.

What information we receive from the SNS and how to manage it

You can certainly manage some of the information on your account with TubbTeen Patti that we receive about you from an SNS where you play our games. Just follow the instructions at the site for updating your information and changing your privacy settings. You can manage certain aspects of information collection and use by going to the settings of your mobile or other device and reviewing the permissions of all the applications. When TubbTeen Patti receives your information from an SNS, that information is stored and used by us according to and keeping in mind this Privacy Policy. You may access and update that information as described in the next section. Game or other accounts created with TubbTeen Patti are considered active until we receive a request from the user to delete them or deactivate them.

Methods of accessing and controlling the information you put

If you don’t want TubbTeen Patti to keep your application active or make use of your information then you can send us an email on write ‘Delete my account’ in the subject line. Then add your first name, last name, email address and user ID number for the SNS from which you access our games in the body of the email. We will respond to your request within a few days. Please remember that certain records, for example those pertaining to payments or customer service matters, will be retained for legal and accounting purposes. Do note that if you have sent or posted content on the service in public or other forums, we may not be able to delete that information (as mentioned in this before). If you want to review or change the information we have about you, please email us at the address provided above. You can also turn off push notifications by clicking on the ‘options’ or ‘settings’ page within the relevant game. You can turn off local notifications by visiting the same settings or page within the relevant game. You can check your location by visiting your device's settings for the relevant application or the ‘settings’ page for the relevant game. You can also stop checking in by the method of your device. For any other changes in your preferences, you can either check the application setting or your device setting.

Links and cookies

Cookies on the computer are small data files that are transferred to your computer hard disk generally to quickly identify a user's computer and to remember things about the user's visit, such as your preferences or a user name and password (if allowed by the user). You understand that the service sends cookies to your computer when you access or view content of a TubbTeen Patti game. You understand that any information contained in these cookies may be linked to your personal information for purposes such as improving the quality of our service, tailoring recommendations to your interests, and making the service easier to use. The use of cookies by our partners, affiliates, or tracking utility company is not covered by our Privacy Policy. We do not have access to or control over these cookies. Our partners, affiliates, or tracking utility company use session ID cookies to make it easier for you to navigate our site. If you disable cookies at any time then it is possible that you may not be able to access or use all features or some features of the service anymore. If you have granted us access to your account information through Facebook or Google Plus or other such application, you may request us to delete your account information by following the directions available on these services or applications. You can request deletion of your account information by removing the TubbTeen Patti application from your social network or third party service account in accordance with the instructions provided there.

Data security

We take applicable and appropriate measures to protect the security of your account information and other general information, but we do not guarantee absolute protection from security breach. Data which is transmitted over the internet is inherently exposed to security risks or threats therefore we also cannot guarantee any security for such information in the course of transmission through the internet infrastructure or any unsolicited disclosures made by any user availing the services. Although, we take appropriate technical, organizational and legal measures to protect against unauthorized accessor unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of account information or other details. Some of the things we do include internal reviews of our data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures, including appropriate encryption and physical security measures to guard against unauthorized access to systems where we store account information and complete information security system. We have an information security program and information security policies which contain technical, operational, managerial and physical security control measures. However, you are advised that if you become aware or suspect any breach of security including compromise of your account information it is your responsibility to immediately notify us.